'the video project'

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Ideas for TV, DVD, and Internet Video: Let Us Help You...

  • Tell a new video story using existing pictures & videos
  • Produce a TV Show or an Animated series for children
  • Pre record Corporate news releases & announcements to post digitally
  • Use visual presentations to accompany RFP & RFQ submissions
  • Commercials and infomercials campaigns
  • Co-produce special interest documentaries
  • Crete dynamic 'spokes-person' promos on your websites
  • Updated Press kits for comedians & musicians
  • Preliminary introductions for new employees
  • Product training & video manuals for marketing
  • Digital signage for retail & public facilities

Projects We Are Doing And Some We Have Completed:

  • producing episodes and piece work for Maximized Living, a National broadcast TV show,
  • produced a daily cable TV news show airing in Alberta for CTS, called Top Story,
  • created a 30 sec. TV commercial for National network cable distribution,
  • created a 30 sec. PSA for Southern Alberta cable distribution,
  • a weekly 30 minute foreign language TV show for TBN International,
  • producing ongoing episodes of the internet Interview show, In Conversation,
  • interview pieces for ListenUp TV out of Toronto,
  • several music video promos and Press Kits.